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Take your breath away – 4 exclusive regions available


Mogiana’s favorable altitudes (900-1,400m), mild temperatures (averaging 20 degrees C), and uneven terrain make for high-quality coffee, with very sweet and balanced cupping profiles. You’ll find both Mundo Novo and Catuaí varieties here.

02Norte Pioneiro

One of the few coffee growing regions under the Tropic of Capricórnio, which has given its “coffee from the end-of-the-world” nickname. High productivity undulated terrain with fertile volcanic red soil.

03Sudoeste Paulista

This region with a quite uneven and semi-arid soil, good heights, and great weather produces a highly full body coffee with a balanced sweetness and acidity. Most of the farms are small to medium-sized

04Sul de Minas

The climate and topography are favorable to the excellent cup quality of this region. This, added to the small farming, almost handcrafted processes, are responsible for winning many prizes on this region.

Do you want the finest Green Coffee?

From the most exclusive Brazilian Coffee-Producing Regions?

Green Coffee

Choose from an incredible variety of high quality coffee beans. Only selected producers from the main Brazilian origins.


Explore at the best all the flavors with the roasting profiles that match your consumers preferences.


Grind consistency is crucial for your perfect cup. Make it your own way to extract the most of your roasted beans.


We guarantee your clients will have the most amazing experience with our special selection of green coffees.


All of our lots are identified with a unique QRcode at the origin, which helps mapping and documenting its history, creating trust and confidence in knowing exactly all the details about the beans you and your consumers are buying and tasting.

From Brazilian producers directly to you

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