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About Us - Specialty Coffee


Coffee Unite works directly with small Brazilian Specialty Coffee producers to source exceptional green coffees directly from farmers. We focus on developing long-term relationships with producers in the regions of Mogiana, Norte Pioneiro, Sudoeste Paulista, and Sul de Minas, among others. Always the Best Coffees for your Roaster!

Coffee Unite was created when we realized that producers were not being rewarded with price premiums despite their hard work and production of high-cupping score coffees. Since its inception, fair prices, transparency, and traceability have formed the core pillars of all Coffee Unite’s activities. With our smart-tagging system we can have confidence in our processes.

Coffee Unite is based in the US and coffees are warehoused in our Miami location. They are available to be shipped nationwide and internationally.



Carlos is a certified Q-grader. He retired from the corporate world and moved into the coffee industry as a producer and importer. He has quickly gained expertise through working closely with farmers, roasters, and industry experts.



Luiz is responsible for Coffee Unite’s sourcing and trade. He comes from an established coffee-producing family in Pirajú, São Paulo. His connection to coffee can be traced back to 1911, when his grandfather came to Brazil from Spain to work in a coffee farm.



Pedro is our expert coffee producer. He has deep roots in the coffee industry, including his own coffee farms in Brazil. He invests heavily in improving quality and technology to produce the best coffee possible.