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Minas Gerais


The annual average temperature in this region of 18ºC to 20ºC, as well as altitudes up to 1400 meters, made this on the most prize winning regions in Brazil when we refer to coffee quality. High acidity, average body, sweet floral and citric notes, with chocolate, caramel and nutty flavors are the appeals of the specialty cups from this region.


Located at the southwest area of the São Paulo state, basically at the same latitude of the Norte Pioneiro region, this is one of the most traditional coffee growing regions from Brazil, due to the proximity to the Santos exporting port, which started centuries ago as a coffee exporting hub and today is the largest port in Brazil, were two-thirds of the Brazilian coffee is exported. Only Arabica coffees grow here. Vulcanic soils, average temperatures of 20ºC, altitudes between 900 and 1400 m.a.s.l., and small to medium sizes farms are the characteristics of the region. Chocolate, nutty, caramel aromas are common attributes of Specialty coffees from this region.