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We can’t recall a coffee farm where we haven’t seen an owl. This tiny, bright bird is usually watching from the coffee branches with its yellow eyes wide open.

Our Seasonal Blend coffee is just like an owl: strong, remarkable, and discreet.


This exotic bird is always an attention grabber on the farms of our producers. Rainbow beaked toucans love the sweet taste of coffee cherries, so when we see one, we know we are in the right place! Our Single Origin coffees have a profile that is almost as bright.


Several species of macaw are native to Brazil. Their bright colors and loud personalities make them special among birds. Our Micro Lot coffees are an equally rare treat, with flavors unlike other Brazilian coffees.


Nano Lots are as small and special as a hummingbird. These awarded coffees have extremely limited availability and surprising flavors. Catch one before it flies away!

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