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Pay For A Research Paper Com – Trump would like to see all European countries is divided, in order to play one against the other and thus each in turn overcome.

From Brussels Krzysztof Strzępka (PAP) It strengthens an earlier message from the Member States of the EU “27,” which on Sunday summit in Brussels approved the divorce agreement and the political declaration regarding the framework for future relations between the United Kingdom and the EU. On Thursday, during a debate in the European Parliament in Brussels, the chief negotiator for. Brexitu Michel Barnier once again reiterated that given the difficult circumstances and the complexity of the topics discussed, a final agreement that has been achieved, it is the only and the best possible. Towards a Frenchman who in Brussels begins to be mentioned as a potential candidate for the next head of the European Commission, congratulations flowed from all sides. “It is a pity that you did not play in our team, because you won anything. I do not think you know how much you had any luck,” – he said with a sneer Brexitu main advocate, the head of Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Nigel Farage.

In his view, the agreement will be rejected by the British Parliament, because it is bad for Britain. “With the Union de facto leave on March 29 next year, but any illusions that we will be an independent country, prysły” – said the British politician. Otherwise the matter to the head of zapatrywał steering group. Brexitu in the EP Liberal leader Guy Verhofstadt, who drew attention to the reduction of losses to the economy, which will ensure the adoption of the agreement on output. He recalled that such a scenario will also avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and guarantee the rights of citizens. The former Belgian prime minister warned that before you start the procedure EP consent on the agreement, is to receive from the British side the necessary guarantees that all rights concerning nationals will be effectively implemented. One of the longest MEPs sit in the European Parliament, the German Christian Democrat Elmar Brok, he warned the British that if you reject the agreement already negotiated, further negotiations will not be.

He pointed also the consequences of its rejection in the House of Commons. “The Treaty of withdrawal (the UK from the EU) is a condition for the transition period. Until it enters into force, there will be no interim measures and it will be very tough scenario for both sides,” – he said. In his view, he hopes that after the rejection of the agreement will be negotiated an agreement before 29 March 2019., Which is the starting date of the UK from the EU, are high-risk. Brok drew attention to the words of the US president Donald Trump trivialized the agreement. “Mr. Trump would like to see all European countries is divided, in order to play one against the other and thus each in turn overcome. And here we have unity. This is the best proof of that is why we need the EU to be able to resist Trumpowi” – he said the policies of the European People’s Party. “President Trump holds that it is the worst deal in history.

He wants to support the nation-states in Europe as well” – Farage countered, arguing that the EU must be prepared for the lack of agreement, because the vast majority of it will be rejected by parliament in London. Co-Philippe Lamberts Greens asked rhetorically whether “the British really think about leaving the EU without a contract.” “If that were so, it would violate it, for example. Friday Agreement (ws. Solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland – PAP), because suddenly arise anew border in Ireland. Would violate this financial commitments made under the European treaties during the membership (UK) in the EU. the output from the club does not result in automatic cancellation of debts “- drew attention to the Belgian MEP. “Hard Brexit would make the United Kingdom would be a rogue state, whose signature would not have meant in any international agreement.

The alternative is that – Brexitu or not, or takes place on the basis of a negotiated agreement,” – he added. Voting in the British Parliament on the agreement is scheduled for 11 December. Opposition to the current form of the agreement announced not only the opposition, but even about 100 members of the ruling Conservative Party. If these declarations come true, the draft agreement is lost, and the government will have 21 days to present a plan for further action. From Brussels Krzysztof Strzępka (PAP) As told PAP press officer of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Radom Konrad Neska firefighters received 70 applications. “Strong winds tore the roof of a residential building at ul. Zakrzewska in Radom.

Damaged roofs are also two residential buildings in the village next door lying Wolanów in towns and Slawno Night Heron” – told PAP Neska. The storm also caused the destruction of the flood on the Borki in Radom. They are broken trees and lanterns. They were also damaged energy lines, including in Radom Street. Green.

Firefighters in the first place protect the damaged residential buildings. They remove a tree that the wind knocked on roads and sidewalks. On-site work all units Radom firefighters; They pulled the firefighters from neighboring TSO. (PAP) by Ilona Pecka On Thursday morning, the CBA announced the arrest of three businessmen in Lodz Province – Bogdan W. Wojciech K. Christopher K. – involved in corrupt dealings, and the investigation showed that the personal benefits they handed Mr Stefan Niesiołowskiemu (PSL-UED). According to the State Prosecutor’s office comes the period from January 2013 to the end of 2015, in which he repeatedly Niesiołowski accept personal benefits in the form of sexual services in exchange for action on behalf of companies belonging to the friendly with him biznesmenów.zobacz also Grzegrzółka: The Parliament received a request a waiver of immunity Niesiołowskiemu »In connection with the case and Wojciech Bogdan W. K. prosecutor presented the” complaint concerning the award of Member of the Polish Sejm Stefan Niesiołowskiemu, at least thirty times personal benefit. ” The suspects – as indicated in the message National Prosecutor’s Office – have to organize and pay for sexual services “provided by the women engaged in the professional or occasional prostitution.” To the third of the men – Christopher K. prosecutor applied for a libertarian measures in the form of police surveillance and ban on leaving the country connected with stopping passport. The prosecutor accuses him that many times in 2015 facilitated the practice of prostitution by setting dates and places of meetings with clients, as well as organizing transport to the place of supply of services.

Requests for provisional arrest the court will consider the meeting on Saturday. As stated objective of the business “it was to gain the favor of MP in relation to projects undertaken by them, including economic and leads to take personal action by Mr involving, among others, exerting influence on a person established in order to conclude agreements with bodies identified by Bogdan W. ” The prosecutor’s office also announced that belong to them, previously operating in the hospitality and restaurant industry, “received lucrative contracts for the supply of phosphate rock and coal dust for the Group Azoty Chemical Works Police SA”. Bogdan W. Wojciech K. punishable by imprisonment up to 8 years, while Krzysztof K. to 5 years Earlier, the National Prosecutor’s Office has requested the waiver of immunity Niesiołowskiemu. Also he announced the intention to bring charges against him of committing a crime of corruption. As assured on Thursday, President Union of European Democrats MEP Elizabeth Bińczycka Deputy Parliament Speaker is willing to waive the immunity. “We would like to believe that the matter will not have a political character.

We are a full explanation for her” – assured. Parliament Speaker assured himself that he did not take any bribes, said he did not know retained by the CBA businessmen. According to the deputy, “unless it comes with a cover Kaczynski.” According to sources in the US services the CIA believes that the killing of a Saudi journalist Chaszodżdżiego was commissioned by Prince Salman ibn Muhammad, who is the actual ruler of the country. Trump gave to understand, however, that it is not entirely convinced by this theory. “Our intelligence services continue to examine all the information, but it is very possible that the heir to the throne may have knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he can not have!” – Trump wrote in a statement released by the White House. In addition, Trump announced that it will break arms contracts with Riyadh, because, as he explained, “if we foolishly invalidated the contracts, Russia and China would be huge beneficiaries”. The US president also stressed that Saudi Arabia is an important economic partner and a key US ally against Iran. The G20 summit will be held November 30 – December 1 in Buenos Aires. (PAP) d / mc / Anyone who sees the issue of migration as a matter of highest risk for the stability of the European Union, dramatized, but perhaps a prophet.

The threat that Europe will fall apart, there are – said the head of the diplomacy. In his opinion, “the divisions between groups of countries, difficulties in finding agreements and joint work may cause more devastating consequences than the financial crisis.” Moavero Milanesi also expressed the opinion that it is possible “significant inhibition” of EU work. “I do not have to – he said – annul treaties make enough that they actually stop working.” Foreign Minister asked about the possibility of closing the borders in the European Union noted: “We have around us now many closed borders. The risk that the borders will be closed one after the other, there is.” Then he stipulated: “I wish we never had to stand in front of such a decision.” He explained that the aim of closing the Italian ports for ships with migrants is “willing to shake the consciences of European countries.” “People can not be saved still getting into the same ports” – podkreślił.zobacz also calls on Italian Coast Guard ships to rescuing migrants: Do not call upon us for water Libya »” What is happening due to a lack in recent years on the effective management EU ongoing epochal phenomenon of migration “- Moavero Milanesi added. The Foreign Minister also expressed the opinion that an agreement at the informal meeting of a dozen heads of state and government on Sunday in Brussels on migration is “difficult, but not impossible.” The Minister reiterated that Italy will ask for a change of the Rules of Dublin on the granting of asylum, because the current rules are “inappropriate” and “smash the Union.” “It is Europe, not Italy is the goal of all those who flee” – said the head of diplomacy. He said, moreover, that the EU should do much more to “bring peace and freedom” and “to improve economic and social conditions” in the countries of origin of migrants.

Before the Royal Castle is set to a large video wall, where for 12 hours residents can follow the funeral Pawel Adamowicz. Before hours. 12 bugle call player from the tower of the Royal Castle played a bugle call Gdansk. Candles of Warsaw residents receive scouts. At pl.

Castle was also attended by representatives of the Warsaw City Hall, vice president of Renata Kaznowska. “We sympathize with the family and Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz” – stressed the vice-president. Funeral Mass in St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdansk, led by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Gdansk. Sławoj Leszek Glodz began in the chair. 12.

The urn with the ashes of the President Adamowicz be deposited in a niche in the chapel of St. Martin. From Thursday afternoon coffin Pawel Adamowicz was exhibited at the Winter Garden of the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk, where on Friday in procession through the streets of the city was escorted to St. Mary’s Basilica. In this way the last president was accompanied by thousands of people from Gdansk.

On Sunday evening, Pawel Adamowicz knife attacked 27-year-old Stefan W., who during the final of GOCC invaded the stage. The president went to the University Clinical Center in Gdansk, where he died Monday afternoon. Pawel Adamowicz was 53 years old, president of Gdansk was 20 years. (PAP) by Karol Kostrzewa Anna Tustanowska The fight will start tonight, and its purpose will be to eliminate the last remnants of the terrorist organization – said the head of the press service of the SDF Mustafa Bali, speaking in this context of the “last battle”. He added that in the last 10 days of SDF militants “patiently” prepared to fight, evacuating civilians from the area controlled by the IS, which consists of two villages near the border with Iraq, in the east of Syria. According Balego evacuated more than 20 thousand. osób.zobacz also Mourad T. pleaded not belonging to the ISIS »Syrian Democratic Forces, dominated by Syrian Kurdish militia called the People’s Self-Defense Units (YPG), are the main force in the fight against jihadist IS in Syria. They are supported by the United States.

After the expulsion of the IS militants from their headquarters in Ar-Rakce northern Syria in October 2017 SDF troops moved south to the province of Deir az-Zor, attacking jihadist areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. IS is currently active in areas in Syria west of the Euphrates, where the remaining area is under the control of the Syrian army and allies of the Syrian regime. According to various estimates, there remained several thousand fighters IS. December 19, US President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced the withdrawal of US forces numbering about 2 thousand. soldiers from Syria, where US troops fought IS. He argued that the self-styled caliphate IS in Syria has already been defeated. On Monday, the Pentagon warned that without maintaining military pressure IS probably could reactivate within 6-12 months and recover some of the lost territory. Previously, the prosecutor’s office announced on 29 charges, including hate crimes, including on religious grounds, a crime with a firearm, assault on police officers and many others.

For some of them they carry the death penalty. On Thursday will be held the second hearing Bowers. The first was held on Monday, and the perpetrator of the shooting appeared to her in a wheelchair. Currently in custody without the possibility of paying a deposit. On the eve of the second hearing, the indictment made public, a federal prosecutor Scott Brady said: “Today begins the process of seeking justice for the victims of these hateful acts.” In Saturday’s attack on a synagogue, killing 11 people and six wounded, including four policemen.

The perpetrator of the tragedy, armed with four weapons, entered the synagogue Tree of Life during the ceremony when the child’s name and opened fire on the faithful. According to the Anti-Defamation League (Anti-Defamation League) shooting in Pittsburgh “is probably the most deadly attack on the Jewish community in the history of the United States.” On Wednesday began the funerals of victims of the shooting.

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